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I help women build self-acceptance, confidence and fuel powerful growth by connecting to herself through mind, body, and spirit.

1:1 Private Virtual Coaching

Re-build, re-connect and re-energize the body, mind and spirit to build sustainable and lasting wellness. Healing doesn't happen overnight; patience and consistency is key. So give yourself the support of ongoing accountability and guidance through life's twists and turns that will allow you to grow into the healthiest, most confident and thriving version of you.

What's Included:

» Biweekly virtual coaching sessions

» Unlimited email, voice and text message support during the program

» Support, guidance, friendship and a completely safe space to explore your authenticity, build self-acceptance and fuel powerful growth

I’d recommend Whitney to anyone who is struggling with anxiety, depression or finding life purpose. She is a beautiful human and will get you on the right track; the healthy and sustainable way.
— Meagan

This program is for you if:

You've spent your entire life feeling small, shy and insecure but you have always felt there is more to life than what you're experiencing. You are ready to feel at home in your own skin, glowing with confidence and vibrantly healthy.

You’ve begun to improve your health through food and exercise but feel overwhelmed with staying motivated. You are craving support and accountability so that you can keep going with these positive habits.

You’re starting to view the world around you differently and are opening more and more to spirituality. This leaves you feeling alone and “different” from everyone else. You’re feeling called to make big changes in your life and are needing support to move through these confidently.

You struggle with periods of depression and anxiety which leave you feeling trapped, sad and heavy. You want to improve your mental health naturally and crave connection with someone who has experience with healing these unhealthy patterns.

You’ve finally realized that only you are in charge of your health, happiness and reality. You desire guidance to move through the overwhelming changes you’re making so that you can stop struggling and start thriving.

It truly changed my life for the best. I reached all my goals and beyond. Because of the program I am more aware of my health and well being. I would totally recommend if you feel like you are stuck and need a little push in the right direction - Whitney is your girl.
— Elise

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