Hey there! I'm Whitney, a Canadian girl living in the heart of the mountains in beautiful British Columbia while I create the life I have always dreamed of living. I'm a Holistic Health and Mental Wellness Coach, blogger, daughter, sister, friend, yogi and introvert (aaaand so much more).

I believe our health and mental wellness is the most important thing we have, and yet for so many, it's in serious shambles.

The thing is, I believe living a healthy, confident and joyful life doesn't have to be complicated.

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I was painfully shy when I was a child and that carried on through high school and my twenties. Because I was so insecure in myself, I was depressed and suffered from crippling anxiety and panic attacks for close to 15 years as well.

I hit rock bottom in 2015. My 7 year relationship ended and I moved back in with my parents to heal at the age of 28. 

I had a strong desire to work through my issues, build my confidence and heal myself naturally and this started an incredible journey.

In order to heal, I returned to the basics. I looked at my nutrition; I began to change what I was eating and started taking supplements to cover any nutritional gaps. I rediscovered my love for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen through this period in my life.

I began to move more, I started slow with 30 minute walks, eventually beginning a yoga practice and weight training.

I started a meditation practice and dove back into my love for reading.

All of these changes triggered a deep and spiritual journey to my core, a journey to remember who I really was, to let go of limiting beliefs that were holding me back, and to retrain my brain from negativity to gratitude and abundance.

It was hard, messy and confusing at times (hey, it still has its moments - that's part of life!) but all of it worthwhile as it's the reason I’m here doing what I’m doing.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Through my transformation, I realized I had a passion for health, mental wellness and all things natural and holistic. I was craving a life and career path where I could share this passion. This led me to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I received my certificate in Health Coaching in 2018.

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I'm here to share with you (openly, vulnerably, honestly) what I've learned along the way, what I've discovered about myself and my hope is that it inspires your own journey into health, spirituality and self discovery.

Life is about progress and growth, not perfection. Small, daily steps can lead to massive changes and it doesn't need to be complicated or even lonely. My inbox is always open and I'd love to hear your story, your struggles and your wins.

Click here to learn more about my 1:1 coaching and apply if you're ready to embark on your journey.

Love & Light