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Welcome! I’m Whitney, a Holistic Health and Mental Wellness Coach working to enlighten and encourage others to live the life they love by improving and achieving greater levels of health and well-being. Through diet, exercise, lifestyle and mindset shifts, I’ll help you not only feel confident, energized and at home in your own skin, but also to feel balanced in mind and connected to your most magnetic and intuitive self.

The 3 Pillars of Wellness

Feeling vibrantly healthy, confident in your own skin and connected to your soul doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. I believe there are 3 main pillars to building wellness;


Physical health is part one of the three pillars and it includes both what you eat and movement. Nourish your body with whole, plant based foods and move your body daily to support this important foundation.


Health doesn’t just come from eating well and exercising. Having a balanced mind is the next pillar of wellness. Practices such as meditation, gratitude and journalling can support you tremendously to feeling calm and joyful in your life.


The final pillar in wellness comes from a connection to yourself, your soul. Building your self-trust muscle and learning to listen to your intuition is an important piece in creating a fulfilling and meaningful life for you.

It was exactly what I needed, and I honestly
would do another round with Whitney! She was so great at listening to me
and coming up with ideas on how I can improve and make changes. I honestly had
no idea what to expect when we started and went in with a positive attitude and I am glad I did.
— Elise

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